Direct Ignition System

The Electronic Ignition For Your Engine

  • Lycomings 4 & 6 Clyinder
  • Continentals 4 & 6 Clyinder
  • Auto Conversions 2, 4, 6 & 8 Clyinder
  • Tachometer & Navaid Autopilot

Electroair has been providing an Electronic Ignition for Experimental Aircraft for over 7 years. Electroair Direct Ignition System is far superior to the ancient magneto. The Direct Ignition has several advantages. No mechanical parts to wear, no spark distribution losses, fires plugs directly from the coils, high-energy spark, longer spark duration, automatic timing adjustment for increase performance at altitude. Benefits of hotter sparks, cleaner plugs, less chance of fouling, better engine efficiency and high resolution timing with a 60 tooth timing wheel.

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