Hoverhawk Corporation
Address 3-Maples St. NW
City State Fort Walton Beach FL
Postal Code 32548
Country USA
Toll Free Phone
Phone 850-244-1133
Fax 850-244-8482
e-mail hoverhawk99@hotmail.com
Website http://www.hoverhawk.com
Group Code (What is) PUSH, AMPH
Models Hoverhawk Hovercraft, Hoverhawk W.I.S.E, Super Hoverhawk, Super Hoverhawk Flying Boat
Description Hoverhawk Hovercraft; Hoverhawk W.I.S.E; Super Hoverhawk (experimential hybrid amphibian model with hovercraft capability); and Super Hoverhawk Flying Boat (with twin pontoons and optional landing gear w/o hovercraft capability)
Number Sold 0
Number Flying 0