Group Codes

Conventional Airplanes

CONV Airplane Fixed Wing Powered - Conventional

Pusher Airplanes

PUSH Airplane Fixed Wing Powered - Pusher

WAR Airplane Fixed Wing Powered
- Warbird / Replica

L-X Light Aircraft Powered -
Experimental "Light Plane"
LSA Light Sport Aircraft
UL-V Ultralight Vehicle Powered
PART 103 *

Powered Parachutes

PARA Powered Parachute
Powered Paraglider


ROTO Rotorcraft / Helicopter

Amphibious Aircraft

AMPH Amphibious Model or as an option

* To meet USA's FAA FAR Part 103, an "ultralight vehicle powered" must not weigh over 254 lbs, have not more than 5 gal. of fuel capacity, best speed not to exceed 55 KIAS, and with a power off stall speed not more than 24 kts.

Rules, regulatons, and definitions vary from country to country and it is your responsibility to research a particular country's rules governing experimental aviation.

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